frequently asked questions

  • Is my payment refundable?

    Yes, if the booking and cancellation requirements are met.  See cancellation policy for details here

  • Do you offer FREE shuttle?

    Due to COVID-19, all shuttle services are canceled until further notice!

  • Can I bring my friends and family on the free shuttle?

    Due to COVID-19 all shuttle services are canceled!

    The FREE Courtesy shuttle is for non – local customers with tandem reservations only!  If you want to bring your family or friend to watch you skydive, they will have to arrange their own transportation.  If you are a local Las Vegas / NV resident you will need to arrange your own transportation for yourself and your friends.

  • Can I bring my own Go Pro to record the jump?

    We get this question A LOT.  The answer is NO!  Why?  The answer is – Safety!  Your safety and the safety of all people on the ground!   All video equipment used by skydivers is highly specialized and tested to make sure that it does not interfere with the safety of the skydive and the people on the ground!  Non skydive tested and certified equipment is a huge safety issue and it is simply –  dangerous!  Not properly secured video equipment WILL do huge damage to the people and property on the ground………  The list of why you CAN NOT bring your Go Pro or any other video and photo equipment non-skydive certified video equipment to film your own skydive is very, very, very long………..

  • Can I get High, use Drugs & Alcohol and skydive?

    Skydive Fyrosity®  DOES NOT allow skydiving under the influence of alcohol or drugs legal or illegal!  Alcohol, drugs and skydiving DO NOT mix!  We know you are in Las Vegas to have a great time and party with your friends, however If you parted until 3am and you consumed any drugs or excessive amount of alcohol to the point where we can smell it on your breath, you will not be allowed to skydive.  If you are suspected of intoxication you will be required to take an alcohol breathalyzer test.  If ANY amount of alcohol is registered, you will not be able to skydive and you will forfeit your deposit of $100 dollars!  Make sure you do not consume more than 1 or 2 drinks at least 8 hours prior to your skydiving appointment.


    We’re all grown-ups here. Right? (Skydiving, after all, has an 18+ age limit in the good ol’ US of A, so we’re imagining that’s you, too.) Since that’s out of the way, here it is: Depending who you talk to, it could be send that we’re kinda-sorta in a golden age for marijuana availability. In Las Vegas, NV – marijuana is legalized for medicinal and recreational use. That being said: “recreational use” by no means refers to “use during any recreational pursuit you desire to undertake.” If you blaze up in the car and any staff member notices the act or its effects, you will definitely NOT be blazing up to altitude.

    Why? Well: As a tandem student, you’re not going to be a passive passed-out passenger. You’ll be taking an active role on the skydive, which will require you to go through a training process, to learn new skills and to demonstrate them in the high-pressure environment of freefall. Most tandem skydiving students love this super-involved, all-hands-on-deck experience–it’s much more personal and much more satisfying than, say, strapping into a roller coaster–but it requires your 100% engagement. Weed or any drugs reduce your ability to do what we need you to do, which, of course, is what you need you to do in order to complete a safe, awesome skydive.

    If you are suspected to be under the influence of drugs or marijuana, you will not be allowed to skydive!  Yes, you will loose your $100 dollars deposit.

    Some prescription drugs are allowed as long as they don’t affect your motor and mental abilities.


    Well, if there was a worse idea than skydiving high, it’s skydiving drunk. Not only does all of the above apply, but you’re putting yourself in danger of becoming a flying vomit bomb or passing out. If you’re drunk, you will not be allowed to board the shuttle, you will not be allowed anywhere near our top-notch team members and professional skydiving instructors and our gear, you will most likely be asked leave the premises.  Yes, you will forfeit your deposit of $100 dollars.

  • Does Skydive Fyrosity® offer the Highest jump in Nevada?

    Yes!  Skydive Fyrosity® is the only Drop Zone in Las Vegas offering the highest jump and longest freefall time than any other!  Why?  Skydive Fyrosity® is located at the lowest elevated airport in the state of Nevada at only 1,365ft above see level.  All other’s are located at much higher above see level elevations.

    Skydive Fyrosity® – Overton Airport – 1,365 ft MSL

    Mesquite Airport – 1,978 ft. (+613 ft)

    Boulder City Airport – 2,201 ft. (+836 ft)

    Jean Airport – 2,832 ft. (+1467 ft)

    What does this means?  It means that you get to free fall 10 – 12 seconds longer that any other location in the state, since the ground is further away from the exit altitude. If anyone else is claiming they offer the highest jump and the longest free fall in Nevada – they are making a false claim!

  • I have the Flu, head cold, nasal congestion and or sinus infection, can I skydive?

    We at Skydive Fyrosity® DO NOT recommended that you skydive with Flu, head cold, nasal congestion, sinus infection or any other symptoms that restrict your body’s natural ability to equalize air pressure!  It is a lot better, safer and a LOT cheaper to cancel your skydive and lose your deposit of $100 (if less than 48 hours or on the day of your skydive) than it would be to end up with permanent health damage and huge doctor’s bills.  However, this choice is yours!  Yes, we know it is your last day in Las Vegas and you can not reschedule, however skydiving is not the local fast food restaurant with a line of customers waiting to take your slot.

    If you select to keep it a secret and not to disclose that you are sick and decide to make a skydive anyway, you will be exposing your personal health and the health of other helping you along the way to extreme dangers.

    Here are the warnings!

    The Flu congests the nasal and sinus passage!  What that means?  That means that your body’s natural ability to adjust and equalize for the air pressure differences when we get to altitude is not working.  Skydiving is an activity that involves going to higher altitudes up to 15,000 feet.


    Most people, thank heaven, have never experienced the abject misery of a popped eardrum. When the pressure on the inside of the eardrum is so much greater than the pressure on the outside of the eardrum–as can happen when a stuffed-up nose enters the thinner air of a jump plane altitude–it can pop like a balloon. The sensation of a popping eardrum is difficult to describe with any accuracy, but most people who experience it will tell you that it’s like having a tiny little dude shoot you in the ear from the inside, then pour gasoline on the wound and light it on fire.

    It’s important to insist here that this does not happen to a healthy ear. The little gunman only lives in people with severely stuffed noses, and he doesn’t shoot every time. It’s just oh-so-very important to know and to limit your risk!


    If you skydive with a head cold and manage not to explode your eardrum, you’ll face a much more likely ordeal: a headache that will make you squirm with agony.

    Just like the eardrum issue, this also has to do with the pressure differential between the world outside your head and the world inside it. When you’re well, your body can manage the pressures just fine on its own. When you’re dealing with a head cold, it can’t–and you end up in an extremely painful situation as your body tries to sort it out. This is the kind of headache that aspirin doesn’t seem to do anything for; the kind you just have to wait out. Trust us when we tell you that the wait feels like years.


    During transportation, you will be sharing the same space as other customers in the shuttle.  During your Check in, you will meet other staff members and people helping you along the way, on the ride to altitude you will be in close proximity with your pilot and your instructors, during freefall, as the thin air of altitude starts to thicken back to normal, your much-maligned nose is going to do the only thing it can think of to bring itself back to equilibrium: it’s going to run. It’s going to run like it’s never run before. It’s going to empty itself out, and there’s going to be no tissue available to hold back the flood. At this point, you asked for it–but your instructor sure DID NOT! He or she is going to end up wearing it. We know you’re not the kind of person who would knowingly do that kind of thing.

    So–now you know the deal. Skydiving when you have a bad cold is no bueno. Luckily, we’ll be here when you’re feeling better!

    Don’t take our word for it – here is what the doctor’s say – READ MORE!

  • What happens if I do not show up for my appointment?

    If you do not show up for your skydiving appointment per your reservation, you do not write to reschedule according to the “Rescheduling” instructions, or you do not cancel according to the “Cancellation” instructions – you will be considered a – No show, no call.  You will lose your appointment slot and your payment in full for the skydiving services purchased.  A new appointment and a new payment will be required if you decide to make a new reservation.

  • How high will I jump from?

    At Skydive Fyrosity®, we take all first time tandem students up to 14,000 feet (MSL) above see level as long as there are no any Air Traffic restrictions impost by the Air Traffic Control Tower directing the air traffic into Las Vegas.  Per FAA regulations the highes altitude we can go witout supplemental oxygen is 14,000 feet (MSL) above sea level.

  • Why should I choose Skydive Fyrosity®?

    If you are looking to have a “fine dining experience”, VIP treatment and the absolute best customer service with all the proper personal attention and the right ingredients – Skydive Fyrosity® is the place for you! If you are looking for the “fast food experience” – cheap experience with all the fake ingredients full with artificial flavors, where you are no more than another number and a $$ sign – Skydive Fyrosity® is not for you! We, at Skydive Fyrosity® spare no expanse and effort to provide the absolute best customer service and VIP level skydiving experience for your first tandem skydive.  Our goal and mission is to create and deliver the most unforgettable skydiving moment in your life.  Out professional team strives to make your skydiving experience the adventure of your life!  You will be treated with professionalism and respect at a laid back atmosphere and great life loving positive people who will cater to all of your skydiving needs.

  • Can I be late for my skydiving appointment?

    PLEASE DO NOT RUN LATE!  IT WILL DRASTICALLY AFFECT YOUR ABILITY TO SKYDIVE!  You are requested to show up for your skydiving appointment 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.  We also do understand that from time to time things out of your control will make you run late.  If you are running late of more than 10 minutes, please give us a call as soon as you know that you are running late so we can discuss it.  We will not be able to reschedule or cancel your skydiving appointment if you are running late.  We will do the best we can to accommodate you and your group, however, we CAN NOT, guarantee that you will be able to skydive.  All our customers are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, if you are running late that will seriously impact the work schedule and all other customers and their appointments.  If you are running late and you have NOT completed your waiver in advance – this will add 2 additional hours to the entire process and will very seriously affect the entire day of operations.  If you do not skydive because you ran late and or did not have your waiver completed in advance – you will forfeit your payment.

  • Can I reschedule my tandem skydive?

    Yes! All rescheduling requests must be done in writing via email only. (see your reservation email for details).  Please include your name and the names of all who are jumping with you, group number, date, and time for the appointment you would like to reschedule.  Please provide a new date and time for the new appointment.   Yes, you can call us to discuss your rescheduling request, however, an email with your rescheduling request is required for accuracy.  All rescheduling must be done at least 24 hours in advance from the original date and time of your appointment.  Rescheduling LESS than 24 hours is not accepted!  Rescheduling your appointment, the morning or the day of your appointment is not accepted!  Phone calls and text messages are not accepted for rescheduling.

  • Can I cancel my tandem skydive?

    Yes! All Cancellations must be done in writing only via email.  (see your confirmation email for details).  Please include your name, group number, date, and time for the appointment you want to cancel.  To receive a full refund of your payment (less the booking fee), you must cancel your tandem skydive appointment MORE than 48 hours before your scheduled date and time. There is NO refund of any kind if the appointment is canceled less then 48 hours or the day of your skydive.  No text or phone call cancellations are accepted.

  • How safe is skydiving?

    Skydiving is an activity we humans are not naturally created to do.  Skydiving involves many elements designed and created to defy the elements of gravity.  Upon properly trained staff, properly maintained equipment and proper use of the equipment – skydiving is less dangerous than driving a car.

  • Can I get hurt skydiving?

    Yes, you can get hurt or even killed as a result of your participation in skydiving!  You can also get hurt or killed driving a car.

  • What is Tandem Skydiving?

    Tandem skydiving or tandem skydiving refers to a type of skydiving where a student or a first time skydiver is connected via a special student parachute harness to the harness attached to a tandem instructor and to the parachute equipment. The instructor guides the student through the whole jump from exit through freefall, piloting of the parachute, and landing. The student needs only minimal instruction before making a first time tandem jump with a professional, trained and certified tandem instructor.

  • What do I need to wear?

    You need to wear comfortable athletic clothing according to the season and athletic shoes.   We are in the desert, so during the hot summer days you may choose to jump in your shorts or in the winter cold days a long sleeve and long pants will be needed.  Keep in mind that if you decide to wear shorts you are vulnerable on landings and you may scratch or cut yourself.  We do recommend long sleeve shirts and no shorts, but the choice is yours.  Shoes with metal hooks, booths or any other non athletic type will not be allowed due to safety!

  • I love skydiving, how do I learn to skydive?

    We love it too!  If you fall in love with skydiving and decide to become a skydiver – well, welcome to the family and the new chapter of your life!  There is very specific methods specifically designed to train novice skydivers.  For complete details visit Become A Skydiver section.

  • Is my instructor certified?

    Yes! All of Skydive Fyrosity® Tandem and AFF Instructors are certified through the Manufacturer of the tandem equipment and through USPA (United States Parachute Association) Every instructor part of our team is personally selected for their expertise, skills, safety record,  personality, attitude and love for the sport.  Every instructor is an experienced professional with thousands of skydives.  Keep in mind that each instructor started just like you! 🙂  Will you be an instructor one day?

  • Do I need to make a reservation?

    YES – Reservations are required!  All reservations must be made online vie the online 100% secure reservation system.  Walk-ins are not accepted.  Please make your tandem skydive reservations here.

  • How far is the Drop Zone from Las Vegas?

    Skydive Fyrosity® is located in the town of Overton / Moapa Valley, NV.  It’s an easy 45 – 55 min drive (depending on traffic), North East of Las Vegas.  Take I-15 North, take Exit # 93 and turn right toward Overton follow the road signs to Overton Municipal Airport – Perkins Field. Click here of Map

  • How long is the entire process?

    Once you arrive at Skydive Fyrosity® at your scheduled date and time per your Reservation Conformation email and you have completed the 2 steps (1) Watched the training video and (2) completed your waiver in advance – you can expect to spend: 10 min – Check-In 10 min – Ground Training 10 min – Gear up 20 min – Plane Ride 55 – 60 Seconds – Freefall 5 – 7 min Parachute ride 10 min Gear Down and Gifts. If your group is 1-2 people – it will take 1.5 / 2 hours from the time you arrive if your group is 3 – 4 people it will take 3-4 hours. Larger groups take longer time.  Please take in consideration the weather, sometimes we may have to wait for the right weather conditions and that can add additional time to your adventure    

  • Can anyone skydive?

    Almost, generally most people 18 years of age and over, and under 22olb, in good physical and mental health CAN skydive.   Unfortunately due to the nature of the activity not everyone can skydive!  There are well defined Federal & State Rules and Regulations as well as safety Parachute standards set by USPA, PIA, Instructor Safety limits as well as the equipment manufacturers rules and limits, that must be followed in order to perform skydiving safety and legally.  Because skydiving is an aviation activity, there are limits on weight, person’s mental and physical health.

  • How old do I need to be to skydive?

    The legal age to skydive in the USA is 18 years of age! Not 18 minus 1 day, you must be 18 the day you are skydiving.

  • I am 17, but I turn 18 tomorrow, can I skydive if my parents sign for me?

    No! You can NOT have your parents sign for you.  You must be of legal age to sign your own paperwork with is 18 years of age the day you want to skydive. You must be of legal age (18) in the United States of America to sign your own paperwork.

  • Can I get photos and video of my experience?

    Yes you can! And we absolutely recommend it!  Many people who decide not to have the experience captured – regret it!

  • Where are we going to land?

    You will land right next to our hanger on the airport property and in front of your family and friends, so they can all take photos of your landing!

  • How long is the free fall?

    Depending on your weight and weather conditions your free fall will last between 45 and 60 seconds.

  • How hard is the opening of the parachute?

    The technology of parachutes today is state of the art and all parachutes are designed to generally open slow and soft, however sometimes they open a bit faster and harder, but it’s nothing you can’t handle.  Most of the people never feel the opening shock due to the high amounts of adrenaline pumping through. 🙂

  • Is Skydive Fyrosity® a certified Training Center?

    Yes! As a matter of fact Skydive Fyrosity® is the only Certified Training Center in Nevada through USPA. (United States Parachute Association) Check out our listing here

  • Am I insured in case of an accident?

    No! You are not insured! Skydive Fyrosity® is an Uninsured Company.  This is why you sign a Waiver and take 100% of the responsibility yourself.

  • Can I skydive without signing the release of liability waiver?

    Absolutely NOT!

  • I don't have a ride, can you pick me up?

    Yes, Skydive Fyrosity® offers a FREE daily courtesy shuttle transportation to our Skydiving location at the Valley of Fire. DEPARTURE LOCATION: Whole Foods Market – Main Entrance, Located in: Town Square Las Vegas, 6689 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119

    DEPARTURE TIMES (EVERY DAY) Summer – from May 1 to Sep 30 @ 5:30am Winter – from Oct 1 to Apr 30 @ 8am See your Tandem Reservation Conformation email for full details and shuttle reservation. You must make a reservation for shuttle transportaion!

  • Can I die skydiving?

    Yes, you can die skydiving! Many people die riding a bike as well…..

  • Is weather is factor?

    Yes, weather is a factor!  Skydiving activities will NOT be performed in UNSAFE weather conditions.

  • When is the best time to skydive?

    It depends on the season! Summer (May 1 – Sep 30) – early morning 6:30am to about 10:30am.  The summer heat is a huge safety factor and skydiving in hot 120 degree weather is not pleasant and unsafe.   The hot air becomes very thin once the temperatures rise and air becomes turbulent and unsafe for skydiving.  This is why our Summer work schedule is from 7am – 10:30am.  We enjoy the Lake after that. Winter (Oct 1 – Apr 30) – pretty much all day is fantastic.  We start at 9am and last Tandem reservations are 2 hours before sunset.

  • Is it true that I will never forget my first skydive?

    Yes, it is absolutely true!  You will never forget your first skydive.  You will find out why after you make it!

  • How much of my first skydive will I remember?

    How much you will remember is totally up to you.  It varies for everyone.

  • Can I open the parachute?

    Yes, you can open the parachute!  Please let your instructor that you want to “pull the cord”

  • Can I fly the parachute?

    Yes, you can fly the parachute after it is open, but you MUST follow your instructor’s directions very carefully.

  • Does my first tandem skydive count toward my future training?

    Yes, your first tandem skydive counts toward your future training.  You will receive a log book where your skydive will be recorded and a signature of your instructor will verify it.

  • Do I get a log book?

    Yes, you will receive your skydiving log book with your very first skydive!!

  • Do I get a first jump certificate?

    Yes, you will receive a first jump certificate!

  • Is the plane ride scary?

    Absolutely NOT!  Generally it is a very relaxing 15 – 20 minute experience, offering some of the most incredible scenery.  You can see the Valley of Fire (we fly directly over the Valley of Fire), Las Vegas, Lake Mead, Grand Canyon and so many other beautiful locations.

  • Will I get my money back if I get scared and don't jump?

    No!  Once you get suited up, the money required to accommodate your tandem skydive experience is already spent!  So you will not receive your money back if you get scared on the ground and decide that you no longer want to skydive or on the door and decide not to jump.

  • How will I get my video?

    You can go to – My Tandem Video and Photos , where you can download it and or share it with your family and friends on social media.

  • How will I get my photos?

    You can go to – My Tandem Video & Photos Your video and photos will be available there.

  • How long will it take for me to get my photos and video?

    You will receive an email with the link to your Photos and Video the next morning. The link will take you to My Tandem Video and Photos.  Go to the date you made your skydive and you will find your name.  Click on your name and enjoy your photos and video.  Your personalized page will be there forever!  You do not have to wait at the DZ to get your video or photos!  You can leave as soon as the skydive is over.  We do not use Flash Drives, CDs or DVDs to deliver your Video or Photos.

  • Is my video HD?

    Actually your video will be 4K, which has 4 times more resolution than HD, which provides an incredible image quality and details.

  • Can I get the raw video, audio and photo files from my media package? I want to do my own video!

    Due to very strict international copyright laws, Skydive Fyrosity® does not provide RAW video, audio and photo files.  The final edited photos and video delivered come with all copyrights arranged for personal use only!

  • Can I share my photos and video on Social Media?

    Yes, absolutely!  You can share your video all you can worry free as all video and audio copyrights are arranged for you.

  • What kind of parachute system are we going to use?

    Skydive Fyrosity® uses state of the art tandem parachute system – Sigma designed and build by the father of Tandem Skydiving – Mr. Bill Booth and UPT Vector.

  • What type of aircraft are we going to use?

    Depending on the season we may be using a 4 passenger single engine C-182 or a 14 passenger twin engine King Air B90.

  • Are there any physical limitations?

    Yes, there are physical limitation. You must be 220lb or under and height and weight proportionate.  Good mobility and coordination.

  • I am a bit overweight, can I still jump?

    Due to safety and equipment limitations by the manufactorers of the tandem skydiving equipment, you will NOT be able to skydive if you are over 220lb (100kg).  Sorry absolutely NO exceptions to this rule.

  • Can I jump with my friends?

    Yes, you can jump with your friends depending on the aircraft used that day.  Please let us know that you want to be with your friend in the plane and we will make sure to accommodate you.  Please note that depending on aircraft used, not all requests will be fulfilled due to aircraft instructor limitations.

  • Can I request a particular instructor?

    Yes, you can request your instructor!

  • Can I consume alcohol before I jump?

    Absolutely NOT!  Actually, you need to stop consuming alcohol at least 8 hours prior to your skydive.  Alcohol and Altitude DO not mix very well!  If you are suspected of intoxication you may be requested to take a breathalyzer test.  If you fail the test you will not be able to skydive and you will forfeit your deposit or even payment in full.

  • Can I use drugs before I jump?

    Absolutely NOT!  Consumption of any drugs legal or illegal before your skydive, is strictly prohibited! If you have prescription and you must use Legal prescribed drugs due to your health condition you must notify your instructor prior to your skydive and the drug must be evaluated.  Some prescription drugs are OK for skydiving, however most are NOT.  If you are using prescription drugs for your health, it is also an indication that your physical or mental health may not be up to par for skydiving activities.

  • What is the view and what will I see?

    The view!  Well, Skydive Fyrosity® is located in the most beautiful valley in the area.  Immediately west of the Drop Zone is the world famous Valley of Fire State Park, south of the Drop Zone is Lake Mead National Park with Lake Mead right below us.  You will see 3 states Arizona, Nevada and Utah. So come and see for yourself… 🙂

  • How long is the parachute ride?

    Depending on the season, air density and weight, the parachute ride will last from 5 to 7 minutes.

  • Is the landing hard?

    Generally the landing are easy and very soft, however sometimes the landings can be a bit hard, but nothing you can’t handle.

  • Can I breathe in freefall?

    This is the question everyone is asking!  If you relax your mind and body, yes you will be able to breathe in freefall just as easy as you are breathing every day, if you however tense up you are just going to hold your breath.   So relax, have fun and your breathing will be just fine…. 🙂

  • What if the parachute does not open?

    Parachutes are designed to open, however if the parachute does not open properly, which happens very rarely, we are equipped with a reserve parachute.  So, yes we do have option number 2.

  • What happens if my instructor gets knocked out?

    This is highly unlikely to happen, but not impossible!  if it occurs, the tandem parachute system is equipped with a state of the art Automatic Activation Device (AAD) which will open the reserve parachute at a safe altitude.

  • How fast is the freefall?

    Depending on the season, air density and weight – freefall speeds range from 110mph to 140mph after the parachute drogue system is deployed.

  • Can I bring my dog to the Drop Zone?

    Dogs are NOT allowed at the Drop Zone! No, you can not bring your dog to the Drop Zone at this time.  Thank you for asking!

  • Can I bring my family and friends to watch me jump?

    Yes, you can bring all of your family and friend to the Drop Zone the watch you skydive.  We actually encourage it.

  • Can I be in the same plane with my girlfriend / boyfriend?

    It depends on the size of the aircraft, available instructors.

  • Can I bring my own camera in the plane and freefall to take my own photos?

    No, you can not bring your camera in the plane or freefall to do photos or video.

  • I don't need photo or video, I will remember everything!

    Some people do, some don’t!  You will never know until after your skydive.  If you don’t remember it and you did not get a video and photos, you will have no memory of it.  Some people start recalling the experience after they see their photos and video.  It’s your choice.

  • My father has 50 jumps and he told me all about how it's done, can we move on faster?

    We are sure your father meant very well, however the answer is NO, we can’t move faster or skip lessons and levels of training.  After all, we are training you not your father.

  • Can I have big breakfast before my jump?

    We do not recommend a big breakfast with eggs, sausage and milk before your jump, it’s going to cost you extra if they come out during the jump. Jokes aside:  Please do not have a big breakfast before your jump, have it after.

  • I was parting with my friends in a Vegas club until 6 am and drinking heavily, can I jump?

    Absolutely NOT!  We do alcohol test, and if the test is positive, you will not skydive and you will lose your deposit.

  • Are the high desert temperatures a factor in the summer?

    Yes, high desert temperatures can be a factor in the summer!  Stay health, hydrate yourself and do not drink a lot!  Most people come to Las Vegas from a totally different climate zones and most people underestimate the high temperatures.  As long as you stay hydrated and in AC environment you will do fine, but if you came to party all night, drink excessively, did not sleep, and you are dehydrated you will be in a lot of trouble with the high temperatures very fast.  NO you will not be fit to skydive!  and NO we will not allow you to skydive if we notice any of the above factors.

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