Safety Information & Required Equipment

All participants are required to wear equipment which is in compliance with the Sporting Code 3 & 4 rules and the FAI Competition rules effective as of March 1, 2017.

Safety takes number 1 priority at Skydive Fyrosity℠. With safety in mind, Skydive Fyrosity℠ has developed a set of DZ rules for all jumpers to follow. Please read and follow the DZ safety rules.

Gear Requirements

To avoid complication and confusion, all reserve parachute systems will be subjected to a 180 reserve repack cycle. Therefore, each rig to be jumped during competition must be re-packed and inspected on May 14, 2017 or any date thereafter. For any TSO / PIA gear packed by a non-FAA certified parachute rigger a rigger verification form must be completed. You may find this form in Annex 1. The form must be completed and presented upon onsite registration for each rig. There are NO exceptions to this. Parachutes must be fully opened by 600m (2000ft) AGL.

ALL EMERGENCY HANDLES MUST BE FULLY EXPOSED, throughout boarding, aircraft flight and skydive!

No relocation and/or modification of EMERGENCY HANDLES from the original manufacturer’s harness location will be permitted.  Jumpers with any such modifications will NOT be allowed to board Skydive Fyrosity Aircraft.

AAD Requirements

Use of an AAD is mandatory at Skydive Fyrosity℠ per our operating permit. Per FAR Sec. 105.43 Use of single-harness, dual-parachute system: “(c) If installed, the automatic activation device must be maintained in accordance with manufacturer instructions for the automatic activation device.” AAD must be indicated on reserve data card with serial number and date of manufacture (DOM). AAD service must be logged on reserve data card, or be able to check service due dates on the AAD itself (available on Cypres II and Vigil).




AAD Service Requirements:


Cypres (original)

  • Last units were obsolete Aug/Sept 2015)

Cypres II

  • Batteries changed & service every 4 years, +/- 6 months
  • 12 years from DOM life limit, +/- 6 months

Vigil I

  • “Batteries must absolutely be replaced after 10 years of use” (per Vigil manual) or after 2,000 jumps, whichever comes first
  • 20 years from DOM life limit

Vigil II

  • “Batteries must absolutely be replaced after 10 years of use” (per Vigil manual) or after 2,000 jumps, whichever comes first
  • 20 years from DOM life limit

Vigil 2+

  • Batteries changed every 10 years by Vigil America
  • 20 years from DOM life limit


  • Batteries changed every repack (180 days for US repacks, 360 days for foreign repacks)
  • Service every 4 years, +/- 3 months


  • 16 years from DOM life limit
  • User responsible for yearly check

Medical, Repatriation and Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance is mandatory for all participants in the event and may be obtained through the purchase of a USPA membership, available in advance or at the time of check-in at Skydive Fyrosity®.
USPA membership can be a full 1-year membership ($74 for foreigners at the time of bid submission) OR An Introductory Membership for $20 good for 3 months OR Foreigners that have proof of insurance from their country of origin are not required to purchase a USPA membership if they do not wish to have one.

Medical/Repatriation insurance is not required to jump at Skydive Fyrosity® or in the State of Nevada. It is however strongly advised that participants purchase appropriate travel or medical insurance prior to their participation in the event.

Medical Help Onsite

A fully trained and well-equipped paramedic will be onsite during all jumping from November 2-8. These person(s) will provide initial first aid in case of an injury or accident. Local Emergency Response times are excellent. 1299 Bertha Howe Ave, Mesquite, NV 89027 Tel: +1 (702) 346-8040. The hospital is 39 minutes driving and 5 min by air. –


Skydive Fyrosity® will supply an on-site fulltime Emergency Medical Tech/Paramedic for the duration of the jumping times of the competition. Local and County emergency services are available via 911 emergency phone call. Average response time in the Overton area is 10 minutes. Trauma Center hospitals are nearby in Las Vegas (110km) accessible within minutes by helicopter. There are no Local hospitals in Overton, however there is a Moapa Valley Medical Clinic (3.2 miles away) 6 minutes

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