National Aeronautic Association, Reagan Washington National

Airport, Hangar 7, Suite 202, Washington, DC 20001,

Phone: +1 703-416-4888, Fax: +1 703-416-4877


National Parachute Federation

United States Parachute Association

5401 Southpoint Centre Blvd., Fredericksburg, VA, 22407,

Phone +1 540-604-9740, Fax +1 540-604-9741

IPC Delegate

Kirk Verner

101 Canterbury Rd., Southern Pines, NC 28387

Phone +1 910-495-3334, Fax +1 910-848-2601


Event Organizers

Skydive Fyrosity℠ / Sammy Vassilev

1110 Airport Road, Overton NV 89040, USA

Tel. +1-702-720-6250


  • Meet Director – Mark Bayada
  • Assistant to Meet Director – James Hayhurst
  • FAI Controller – John Smyth
  • Chief Judge – Buzz Bennett
    • Judge – Yves Letourneur
    • Judge – Bernard Nicolas
    • Judge – Jami Pillasch
    • Judge – Tamara Koyn
    • Judge – Frank Mallabone
    • Judge – Douglas Spotted Eagle


Performance – Flysight & Paralog

Acrobatic – Omniskore HD!


International Jury Members:

Jury President – Dr. Rainer Exi Hoenle, Germany

Jury Member – Rina Gallo, Canada

Jury Member – TBD


Judges Conference will be November 2nd 2017.  Time and Location TBD.


Discipline FAI Judges Training Course in Wingsuit Flying
Competition 2nd FAI World Cup of Wingsuit Flying
Where Skydive Fyrosity℠, Overton, Nevada, USA

IPC Judges Training

Course Coordinator


Karla Cole


Chief Judge of Training


Randy Connell


Contact/organizer of


Sammy Vassilev

DZO Skydive Fyrosity


Dates for the course 29 Oct 2017 – 7 Nov 2017
Entry fee

$300.00 USD (Candidates are responsible for all transportation, airfare, food and lodging expenses)



(2 steps)

1. Your NAC has to approve and register you for the FAI Judges Training Course with a mail to Karla Cole


2. Scan in the pages of your judges logbook from the last two years to prove your judging activities in the relevant discipline and send it to Karla Cole



To participate in an IPC/FAI Judges Training Course you have to be

• a current National Judge in the relevant discipline and

• satisfy the language requirements.

Make sure and check that you have the initial qualification to join the course (Section 5, Chapter 6.2)!

Rules for Competition

All competition rules are provided by FAI at http://www.fai.org/downloads/ipc/2017_WF_CR


National wear, National flags & National Anthems

Delegations are encouraged to bring their national dress and clothing along. Official Team uniforms/dress/formal wear are encouraged. Delegations must submit / bring their country’s national flag (mandatory size 100cm x 150cm) and the national anthem (mandatory) via MP3 audio file, preferably in advance to . or together with the Final Entry Form. The Organizer/Host can provide a flag at nominal cost if the country cannot provide a flag. Please request this no later than August 31, 2017 via

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