Skydive Fyrosity® is located at one of the most beautiful and exotic location a Drop Zone can be – Moapa Valley, NV.

Skydiving over The Valley of Fire will take your breath away with views and of Valley of Fire, Lake Mead, Zion National Park and Grand Canyon right below your feet


Skydive Fyrosity® is an American / Bulgarian family founded, owned and operated Drop Zone. We are professional skydivers, life lovers, extreme sports athletes, 2nd & 3rd generation family of skydivers with long and deep traditions in skydiving dating back to the 1960’s.


Skydive Fyrosity® brings together Eastern European and American skydiving traditions under one roof for an unforgettable day of skydiving and adrenaline adventures.


Co-Founded by lifetime skydiver Sammy Vassilev and Iva Vassilev – Skydive Fyrosity® and every Pro Team Member are committed and dedicated to deliver the most unique, exclusive and personal tandem skydiving experience for each and every guest who comes through out doors. Whether you are skydiving for the first time, you are a student or an experienced licensed skydiver, our mission and goal is that you have a thrilling time with us.

Each Pro Team Member is carefully selected and invited not only for their skydiving knowledge, skills and experience, but for their love for the sport, personal life & family values, professional commitment to skydiving, work ethics and team player mentality.  Our mission is to create a unique culture at our Drop Zone of selected privileged individuals and professional skydivers with very high personal values and dedication to the sport who live with integrity and perform their duties to the best of their abilities and knowledge.

To develop a world class skydiving center in Las Vegas for Students, Experienced Skydivers and World Class Competitors and host National and International First Category skydiving competitions – National Championships, World Championships and World Cups.

Do the best, work hard, and never give up!  If a person can overcome their fears, they can accomplish everything!  Dream big, live free and and never stop learning,  life is beautiful, live it!

To deliver top quality skydiving services, 5 star customer service, and exhilarating and one of a kind skydiving experience to all of our clients and guests!








Main Street Station
Casino Brewery Hotel
Main Valet - South End of Building

200 N Main St
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Departure Times

Winter - Oct 1 to Apr 30 @ 8am
Summer - May 1 to Sep 30 @ 6am

Corporate HQ

Skydive Fyrosity®
6415 S Tenaya Way # 125
Las Vegas, NV 89113

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