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Espen Fadnes

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Andreas Roksvaag Espen Fadnes
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Full Name: Espen Fadnes
Country: Norway
Living in: Voss, Norway 
Profession: Basejumper / Skydiver 
Races: The list is long. Have been competing in base and skydiving since 2009. 
Years In Wingsuiting: 16 
Number Of Wingsuit Jumps: 3500 
Skydives: 4000 
Wingsuit Type – Manufacturer / Model: Squirrel ATC / C-Race+ 
Discipline: Performance Flying, Acrobatic Flying

I come from the dark side, that means base jumping. Ive always loved the solitude of massive mountains far north in Europe. Away from drinks, sandwiches and disko music on drop zones. Up there in the mountains there were no rules and no noise. Its a pure and quite naked learning zone. In 2001 I started both wingsuit skydiving and wingsuit base jumping. The first 10 years base jumping dominated, while the later years skydiving have been catching up. I guess Im getting a bit old. Or maybe its the realisation that a drop zone is a great place for learning.


Im the defending World Cup Champion in Performance Flying, and rather nervous about that. I like to be the chaser. The unknown dude that pops out of nowhere. But feeling a bit nervous is a good sign. It means Im taking the task ahead of me serious. Its nothing less than serious what lies ahead of me and the others in Vegas early November. I love performance, and I love a good competition. I cant wait.


I always wanted to be part of a team. And now we have one: Ibex! We will represent Norway in Acro Wingsuiting. That excites me more that anything right now, because Im doing something Im poorly skilled at…well, at least for now;)




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