Skydive Fyrosity® offers the best tandem skydiving prices in Las Vegas starting from $125.00 per person for a tandem jump (with purchase of any media package paid separately – see sale details) – to $185.00 per person for a tandem skydive only without photos and video.  Las Vegas tandem skydiving prices are “all inclusive”!  $0.00 – hidden charges, fuel surcharges and charges for video editing! Las Vegas Skydiving Prices & Packages includes: training, tandem skydive equipment, instructor fees, airport fees, aircraft, aircraft ride cost, pilot fees, free shuttle, log book, first jump certificate, all taxes.

2020 Summer Deal: $60.00-off regular tandem jump price with purchase of any photo and video media option.  Photo and Video options paid separately!


Skydive Fyrosity® offers the most exclusive and personal one-on-one first time tandem skydiving experience in Las Vegas.  Las Vegas Skydiving pricing is very competitive and all inclusive.  If you are looking for a cheap “fast food style” skydiving experience, where you are rushed through as fast as possible, treated poorly as just another jump number, Skydive Fyrosity® is not for you!  However, if you are looking for the best “fine dining style” skydiving experience, Skydive Fyrosity® is the place to make your very first tandem skydive!


Did you forget that skydiving is an aviation activity?  Any and all activities including skydiving, involving aircraft and aviation are expensive, very, very expensive to be performed safely!  Skydiving is no exception.  To make a single tandem skydive many things and people are required.  Here are few:

  • State 0perational Licenses and Permits
  • USPA Licenses and Permits
  • FAA Licenses and Permits
  • An airport to take off and land
  • An aircraft to take us to altitude
  • Fuel for the aircraft
  • A properly licensed and trained pilot
  • A highly experienced, licensed and certified tandem instructor
  • Parachute landing area
  • An office
  • Office crew
  • Support crew
  • Ground crew
  • Parachute servicing crew
  • Hangers and facilities
  • Tandem skydiving equipment
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Skydiving equipment maintenance
  • Facility maintenance

and many other components of the operation required to safely perform skydiving.  All of the above listed items are  extremely expensive to operate and maintain.


If you are looking to purchase the cheapest tandem skydive possible from some of the 3rd party online resellers, the first question you need to ask yourself is:


“If this is so cheap, is the skydiving operator able to afford to properly support and maintain all of the above listed items up to standards to perform the skydiving activity safely?”


In order to provide the best tandem skydiving experience and hire the best skydiving instructors, Skydive Fyrosity® does not work, never have, never will with any 3rd party online resellers utilizing “bait and tackle” tactics selling you the cheapest “bare fair” skydiving vouchers!  Skydive Fyrosity® does not honor any 3rd party vouchers purchased anywhere!

The only place to book and purchase your skydiving experience with Skydive Fyrosity® is on this website!  You will never be hassled or pushed to buy any of our additional products or services!

We will let you do your own research and make your own decisions!

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